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Reminders for parents

Please be reminded of the following ......

All children must wear the correct uniform to school. Uniform can be purchased from Bridge School Wear, Milnsbridge. Please make sure that your child’s name is in each item of clothing and footwear.

Please inform the school office on 01484 463366 option 5 if your child is absent from school, every morning that they are absent, by 8.30am. An answering machine service is active if you would like to leave a message earlier than this.

Classroom doors close at 8.50am—after this time children must sign in with the office and will be marked as late.

If your child has a medical appointment please provide the office with proof of this for their file, so that we can authorise their absence. Where possible, please try and make appointments before or after school.
Medication in school can only be given if it is provided in the prescribed box, with the label and forms are completed with the office.

If your child has a minor bump to the head area we will send a text home.

Please remember to bring your child’s PE kit to school.

Please take a peek once a week and check for head lice. Please treat if required.