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External Feedback

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude for the positive experience  XXXX has had at Luck Lane Primray School. The nurturing environment, dedicated teaching staff and efficient administrative support have contributed immensely to xxx academic and personal growth during xxx time in xxx. 

The commitment of the teaching staff at Luck Lane Primary School has been truly commendable. xxx teachers in xxx in particular, have demonstrated a profound dedication to fostering a love for learning, providing a solid foundation for xxx educational journey. The engaging and inclusive teaching methods have not only enriched xxx academic skills but have also instilled a sense of curiosity and enthusiasm for exploration. 

I would also like to extend my appreciation to the administrative staff for their professionalism and efficiency. The seamless communication, timely updates, and ther overall commitment to ensuring a smooth educational experience for both students and parents have been noteworthy. It is evident that the administrative team at Luck Lane is dedicated to creating a positive and supportive learning environment. 


It has been a pleasure to work with Luck Lane primary school this term as part of partnership working. The caring and nurturing support from staff, in particular the head of inclusion, has given the children the sense of security which lets them excel in a safe environment. Safeguarding is clearly paramount at this school given the excellent communication and updates received from the school. I look forward to continuing with the partnership working with the school.


I would like to take this opportunity to say a heartfelt thank you. Luck Lane is an outstanding primary school and I am glad my son has been part of such a wonderful community.  Staff have always gone above and beyond for my son, and this is clearly shown though the amount of progress XXXXX has made since reception. Luck Lane staff really care and value all of their students and I have felt so supported as a parent by every member of staff that has worked with XXXXX.  


I am sure all the staff are doing their best during this time however I'd like to acknowledge my children's teachers for being fantastic. Miss XXXX and Mr XXXX have been very supportive and encouraging during this time. After I had a bumpy first week, and an experimental second week we've started this week well aware of what we are doing as a family. It's definitely been less stressful for XXX and I (let alone the children) knowing Mr XXXX and Miss XXXX are only a message away and also open to us messaging them. I do feel The Microsoft Team lessons really brightens up XXX mood; and even though XXX may have short replies on Class Dojo comments section she has enjoyed uploading her work and reading Mr XXX comments or watching his video lessons too. They've both enjoyed Draw with Rob too and I'm glad the arts are still being encouraged during this time (rather than just focusing on the core subjects to meet targets). 
Thank you to you too for keeping the school together even if we are physically all apart. We look forward to the next instalment of "Miss XXXX on video" :-) 


Hi hope you're are well and safe. I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how much of an excellent teacher Miss XXXX is she doing such a wonderful job. Miss XXXX teaching skills are so amazing that XXX does not want to stop learning. Even on weekends she is always asking for work to do. Miss XXXX is always efficient, friendly prepared and on the ball. She is at the moment the best teacher XXX has had since she started. I would also like to praise the services and support school have provided. Thank you for being there for us and providing the laptop. Hope this is the last lockdown we have. 


Good morning 

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for everything you’re doing to support us at the moment. 
The phone call from Mr XXXX yesterday was such a boost. It was a connection with school life and very much appreciated. Mr XXX has made a real connection with XXX and his class and if there is any chance of him being XXX teacher in year four, that would be amazing. I feel the children could really do with some continuity at school when they return. It’s been such a traumatic couple of years for them. 
I hope you’re keeping well, managing to get some time out. 
Take care. And thank you. 


Hi hope you're well? I just want to start on a good note by praising the hard work and support Mr XXX and Mr XXX have provided throughout this terrible time. Mr XXX is so organised and prompt with replies. Sends work back and provides the support when XXX and XXX are struggling. He is doing an excellent job of getting kids on to meeting and having live lessons. He seems to have the class under his magic spell behind a computer screen. Just want to say well done. They are set a list of subjects to complete by a certain time. It is well instructed and easy to follow. Also would like to say thank you to yourself and your team as they seem to have managed this well as to what it was like last time. 


Good morning Miss XXXX. I hope you are well. I am just messaging to let you know what a brilliant job I think my 2 son’s teachers are doing. My sons are in ducks and kestrels. Miss XXXX, Mrs XXXX, Mrs XXXX and Mrs XXXX are doing an exceptional job and their recorded lessons are always very motivating and highly encouraging. Both my children are working hard and love seeing their teachers, it really motivates them. I appreciate how hard it is for the staff at school juggling online and school classes, and I really do think they deserve a special thank you! Many thanks. XXX and XXX mum.